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Creating a photo is about more than just turning up with a nice camera and an expensive lens. It is about having the eye to see what is really there, about asking the right questions and planning for the perfect moment. It is about bringing the energy, finding the light and capturing the emotions. It is about letting the image say what it needs to say and letting you feel what you need to feel. It is about the right person, in the right place, at the right time.

Benjamin Robert Muir

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My work has taken me to weddings as far away as Mexico and New Zealand. It has taken me to Paris to film jazz legends and to the rooftops of Marrakech to film rap artists. Along the way I have put on photography exhibitions across England and worked with charity organisations in Mombasa, Africa. I have a passion for travel and love that my work allows me to do so.. I am currently based in Spain, just north of Barcelona, but I was born in Exmouth, Devon. A town in England to which I regularly return to see family, to see friends and to take photographs. I speak English, Catalan and Spanish and I do my best with a handful of polite greetings, in Arabic, Japanese and Swahili and a host of other languages that people have been kind enough to teach me.

So no matter where you are in the world, or what language you speak. If you need help with photos or video, feel free to get in contact to say hi!

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